Sunday, October 16, 2005

One For The Home Team

no trespassingUSA Today reports on a recent federal court case in Chicago in which computer spyware was found to be in violation of trespass to chattels (trespass to private property) laws. In a time of much confusion about how to organize and keep the internet in order, this action shows that old laws can still be used to keep cyber-abusers in check.

"Simply put, plaintiff alleges that Spyware interfered with and damaged his personal property, namely his computer and Internet connection, by over-burdening their resources and diminishing their functioning. Accordingly, the court denies (the) motion to dismiss (the) trespass to chattels cause of action."

As a linux user I never personally have to deal with spyware, adware, etc... but I did spend quite a while on my grandmothers computer this weekend cleaning up that mess. I hope this case sets a president for future spyware issues. If no one steps in and does something the problem is only going to keep getting worse.

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