Sunday, October 02, 2005

Chinese DRM Free E-Ink Reader

booksThe Chinese company Jinke has released a DRM free eBook reader called the Hanlin that uses the turbo cool E-Ink technology to display text and images on a 6 inch screen. E-Ink can display 4 shades of grey and black, can be viewed easily from any angle in any light condition, and only uses power when switching between pages making it very power efficient. With all the personal media players on the market that let us take our digitized music, movies, games and photo's on the go, why are books being ignored? With more and more books being released under the Creative Commons License eBook's are the means to get people interested in reading again. The best solution available to Americans is trying to find an old Palm on eBay. We need this.

Why doesn't someone release one of these things in the US? Ah yes, because with pressure about eBook piracy from places like the authors guild they haven't yet developed a system of file restrictions that would make it almost entirely unusable for their customers yet. The Sony Librie already deletes your books after six months. What else do they want to limit us from doing with our technology? DRM = Evil. Leave it to Communist China to give us the right to use our ebook technology however we want to. The V8 Hanlin reader will be available by the end of the year. The V2 reader will be available in May, the only difference being an open source linux based OS for user development.


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