Thursday, September 01, 2005

Guess How Microsoft Is Screwing Up This Time

bsodWith regular announcements of feature after feature being dropped from its next gen. OS "Vista", most recently the more secure unix-like file system, you have to wonder if they are maybe concentrating on other ventures besides their computer system project. Possibly the upcoming release of their XBox 360 video game console? Well the most recent developments suggest they aren't really doing much better in that department.

With 3 new major next gen. consoles being released in the next year, the word on the street is that the XBox 360 is going to be falling a bit short in the race for home entertainment glory. Not surprisingly out of the 3 systems the 360 is being released considerably sooner than the PS3 and Nintendo Revolution. Perhaps in an attempt to capitalize on the holiday buying spree, Microsoft is going to be rushing to release an inferior system instead of spending a bit more time to do it right.

I'm pretty sure that after hearing the latest word from the XBox 360 game developers Bill Gates has a pretty large palm print in the middle of his forehead. Turns out that before the system has even been released they are already running out of room on the DVD's that the system uses. The last thing you want to have when developing a system like this is to have your hardware capabilities exceed your media storage. That's supposed to be the easy part that you don't really have to worry about. I'm not sure about the Revolution, but I know that the PS3 will be using Sony's newly developed Blue Ray Discs which will hold 22 gigs. rather than the 8 gigs. of a Dual Layer DVD. Now the smart decision would have been to at least go with the HD DVD's that are coming out which will hold 15 gigs. (30 dual layer). Says Bill:

"The initial shipments of Xbox 360 will be based on today's DVD format. We are looking at whether future versions of Xbox 360 will incorporate an additional capability of an HD DVD player or something else."

Why does it not surprise me that people may have to shell out over a hundred dollars down the line to have a fully functional system. Well I guess we will just have to see about that. Until then I'm sticking to my opinion that Microsoft is making too many bad moves and biting off much more than they can chew. What the future holds for this former software pioneer will be very interesting to say the least.

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