Saturday, August 06, 2005

Space, The Final Frontier

cats eye nebulaThis site is a collection of the clearest and most interesting images ever taken from the Hubble Sapce Telescope. In case you have been living under a rock and don't know what the Hubble actually is, it's a giant telescope made into a satellite that is orbiting the earth and is exploring the far reaches of the Universe. Since the telescope is viewing space from outside of the earths atmosphere the images it takes are many many times clearer than any earth based telescope. Launched from the space shuttle Discovery in 1990 it is still in frequent use today by people worldwide. Pictured is the Cat's Eye Nebula "NGC 6543" which is the late stages of a dying star (even though it is roughly 3,000 light years away, therefore died 3,000 years ago).

Ever since I took a science class with one of the most popular professors at my school I've had a great and growing interest in space, astronomy, physics and pretty much science in general. The concepts and events of the Universe are enough to blow my mind every time I learn something new. I've been doing a bunch of studying of these subjects on my own time which has lead to a good start in forming a personal worldview which brings me more happiness & contentment than going to church or school ever did. I wish more people would take things into their own hands and explore what's out there rather than just conform to the lazy "Tell me what I should think" and "Ignorance is bliss" attitude that is so prevalent in our culture.


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