Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Future Of Television

old tvI really don't watch much TV, and actually don't have cable service at the moment. I do however have many loved ones that enjoy their daily fix of TV drama, reality shows and "news." Well the cable broadcasters of America just recently come to a decision that may effect everyone who likes to relax in front of their little electronic window to the world. A deadline has been set to end all analog television broadcasts in the year 2009. After the shut down, the broadcast spectrum, which people have been fighting over for many moons, will regain a rather large chunk of radio wavelength that people like cell phone companies will just eat up (current US frequency allocation chart [PDF]). I believe many of the old TV broadcasting towers are going to be sold to cell phone companies as well.

So for all you people who haven't and don't plan on switching to a digital cable subscription service, come 2009 your TV set is all the sudden going to go completely blank. I think its the local and public stations that are going to be hit hard though. Its probably expensive to switch from analog to digital, and with the announcement that public radio & TV are no longer going to receive government funding, I hope this doesn't mean an end to PBS and even more power to the big guys like Fox.

I have hope though. There has been a lot of talk and some people even starting up video blogs and online downloadable TV shows. I think as more people get into this there will be a large movement of DIY public internet video shows. Some current ventures into this territory are:

Channel 101
Systm: Tech DIY Video Blog
TheBroken: Hacker Video Blog
TheScene: Video Nerd Drama about a Movie Pirating group at NYU
And the recent announcement of PBS to start an internet-only downloadable series called "NerdTV"

Along with the start of Google Video I think we will be seeing a large boost in internet exclusive on-demand streaming and downloadable video content. I couldn't be more excited.

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