Saturday, July 09, 2005

"Can I Have Your Autograph?"

sr logoFormer ISU students and good friends of mine John Mork & Frankie J have managed to get a small taste of dance music infamy. I bet it tastes a lot like roasted garlic mashed potatoes. Mmmmmmm... roasted garlic mashed potatoes. Anyways. Ever since I've known these guys they have been making tracks & mixing records that blow me away. I probably wouldn't be a 2-step DJ if not for weekly sessions of watching Frankie mix & blend at his Rockey's residency years back. In fact one of his original unreleased 2-step tracks made it onto my "Just A Demo" mix CD (3rd track "Activate"). Frankie's deep house track entitled "Moonlight" is without a doubt my favorite track in the genre. John's funky house mixes are still in my listening rotation more than any other house mixes that I own. I guess you could say these guys have been an inspiration to me ever since I've known them.

For the last few years, living in Chicago, Frankie and John have been producing house tracks under the name "The Sound Republic." I've been lucky enough to be given a few unreleased tracks by these guys and all I can say is this stuff is FIRE. Some of the best funky & chunky house I've heard. Which brings me to the point of this post. Recently their tracks have been making rounds in the Chicago & beyond house scene and their track "When I Get Paid" was picked up by funky house & mushroom jazz legend Mark Farina for his newest mix. BIG TIME. I'm really proud of these guys, but I'm really not surprised their tracks are getting noticed. I have no doubt that these isn't the last coverage that they will get.

Download the full mix "Mark Farina - Generation" here ("When I Get Paid" starts around 24:30) and check out The Sound Repbulic blog for info on record releases and gigs, Chicago & nation wide, as well as other Sound Republic news.

john & frankie
John Mork & Frankie J are The Sound Republic

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