Sunday, July 31, 2005

Those Hippies Are At It Again

A large amount of societies world wide subscribe in the ritual casket & gravestone method to remember their loved ones after passing. In many places though large graveyards are becoming too expensive and too vast to be practical. A problem that will only get worse as time goes on. There has got to be a better way to make good use of space as well as leave a memorial to a deceased kin. Designer Gerad Moline may have found a solution that will do the dead justice as well as help mother nature.

bios urnThe Bios Urn is a completely organic and nature friendly solution to the inevitability of death while at the same time creating more life. The urn is made of compressed coconut shells with an outside coating containing organic fertilizer. A persons cremated ashes (a good fertilizer itself) as well as a tree seed would be added. When buried, creepy graveyards would be transformed into forests full of life. I would much rather have a tree as a monument for loved ones to visit than a cold moss-covered gravestone. In many cases a graveyard wouldn't even be necessary, since its perfectly acceptable to have a tree in your back yard, as opposed to a gravestone. Taken a step further, the tree could be later made into a number of things which could be used in remembrance as well.

Already gaining popularity in Europe, I would hope that something like this would catch on world wide. Personally believing that graveyards are a waste of space and money, and having already expressed my wishes of cremation I may in fact choose to do something like this. Maybe someday someone will make a coffee table out of me so that i may serve as a resting place for fine beverages, a stack of Popular Science mags, or the feet of rude house guests. Better that than sit in a rotting wooden box under a big rock not doing anyone any good.

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At August 04, 2005 12:47 AM, Anonymous Greg said...

U got me sold.


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