Thursday, September 01, 2005

Name That Beverage

cokeYou know you have been in the middle of this argument before. Probably one of the most debated questions of our generation. A very pressing issue that simply can not be taken lightly, lest you would like to be behind the start of a modern day civil war. The culprit of so much controversy being the carbonated caramel colored beverage known by multiple aliases nation wide, insighting a strong and sometimes aggressive cult following of each. When invented in the late 1800's as a nerve tonic, stimulant & headache remedy, I doubt the chemist/physician John Pemberton could have foreseen the chaos his Coca-Cola drink would one day cause in the streets of America. In any case, whether you call it Pop, Coke, Cola, or simply Soda (like a normal person) you are destined to revisit to this quandary time and time again whenever challenged by someone who's "not from around here." With so much at stake it's not likely any opponents in the soft-drink terminology wars will be backing down. Just so you know where you stand, here is a map showing the regional layout of the most popular terminology across the U.S. separated by county. Also a website where you can cast your vote for where you are from.

Speaking of regional terminology, did you know people in Central Wisconsin call drinking fountains "bubblers"? Isn't that ridiculous? Freakin cheeseheads.


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