Monday, September 05, 2005

Beautiful Vandalism

I'm all for urban artwork & graffiti, provided its done right. Having just moved from a nice little quasi-suburban town to a larger city I now see this stuff all over the place, and it's largely crap. I've even seen shitty tags on walls where a good artist will tag next to it "Your Work Sucks, Please Stop." Its especially annoying when you're walking down a block and you see the same shitty tag on every possible spot that it would fit on said block. All that aside though, I really enjoy seeing beautiful vandalism now and again. Especially when people find new and creative urban art methods, such as the stenciling trend that's been going on. I have actually been working on a few stencils and wheat paste posters, but I don't know when I will get around to doing anything with them. I'm kinda waiting on my own brilliant urban art idea to hit me before I get involved, kinda like this guy's.

crosswalk manThundercut is an urban artist in NYC who makes stickers that fit over the man on crosswalk lights, but don't actually cover up the LED's on the sign. He also experiments with using unconventional mediums such as gluing up pre-cut wood veneer tags & characters. He also has a good poloroid photography collection. Check out his website for a portfolio of his street art and photos. This stuff has been getting more and more creative and has been actually turning heads in the legitimate art world, who will probably try to capitalize and corrupt it at some point (if they haven't yet already). Underground street art won't die though. There are too many creative kids in the city's and too much empty canvas on the streets.


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