Saturday, October 22, 2005

Extremely Cool Urban Model Train Set

Peter Baum, a student at Yale has put together a very realistic urban city modeled after parts of Philly, NYC & Chicago. The detail put into this is simply amazing. The only thing missing is graffiti on the trains, which he said he couldn't bring himself to do because of the value of his models. Other than that, some of these pictures would probably appear to be legit if showed to your average Joe on the street. This has officially broken the "lonely grandpa playing in the basement with his train" stereotype in my eyes. I know what I'm gonna be doing when I retire. By that time however, I would hope I would have the skills to present it with something better than this guys hideous website.

Peter's Web Page
Straight To Photo Gallery (over 50 photos)

urban train 1
urban train 2


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